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PSN still down, why has it taken so long?

PSN is/was down due to hackers, sort it out Sony.I dont know about you, but i am getting sick and tired of Sony restricting me from enjoying the three hundred pound console i bought from them. The majority of the games that i play have online features which enhance it tremendously. As a Fifa Ultimate Team addict im getting withdrawal symptoms by the second. How sad right?

No matter how sad us gamers are, four days is not good enough.Would Microsoft really get affected with all the millions of pounds they have? Would they have a plan b? One thing is for sure, Sony have handled it like amateurs. Its as if they are not prepared to be hacked by some snotty nosed geeks behind their suped up computers.

After the ordeal with Geohotz, a notorious hacker, it was all over the gaming news that Sony were expecting a revenge attack on their system by a group of protesting hackers. Sony prepared so well that their system has been down for days and they have their tail in between their legs.

Some might argue that it's a perfect opportunity to get out and have some fun. Hey! PS3 is fun, why do you think i was playing it? It's understandable that these non gamers think like this, but gamers like me are in agony as we test the network every few hours hoping to sign on.

There has been no set date for the return of the vulnerable network but its an exhilarating thought to get my hands back on that controller. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony couldn't sort this out within a week.However, maybe this will be beneficial in the sense that i might just appreciate PSN that little bit more.

It would be nice to hear your views on the subject in the comments as I am sure there are many of you who have been affected by this. Personally, I think that although we get the service for free, a huge company like Sony should not be prone to attacks like this.

With such emphasis on the console war within the last few years, not only Xbox users but Microsoft itself now have a good reason for their argument of "Xbox 360's have far better on-line than PS3'S". With this new ammunition, I do not think that Sony will be able to make ground on Microsoft unless they bring out new features etc.

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  1. how did people hack into the network? Are we under any risk of losing data on bank details and whats happening about it then?

  2. hi will,
    thanks for your comment:)
    well im not sure as i am not a hacker myself but they have managed to affect the network so much that it has been down for days.
    Im 100% sure you bank details and data are fine as they have made a direcct attack at sony and not individual users

    How has this psn outage affected you?

  3. Not soo much but the other day, I tried going online and it just wouldn't let me. I do agree that if this was Microsoft, they would have sorted this out by now. Sony are dealing with this very badly...

  4. this is getting terrible now as it still isn't working. How long wil this go on for its getting quite worrying for sony


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